Aug 15

Missing friend – more

It’s about a year since the event that I call the “day the world went dark” happened. So far, no contact… sad….

May 18

Avengers Age of Ultron : Review

So, the other week I saw the newest (or 2nd) of the Avengers movies. And I must say that it really was worth seeing. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes any of the Marvel Universe movies. Avengers Age of Ultron is the next step in what will end up being an exciting universe for other movies. Marvel is running with a good thing and they should keep on making great movies.

Apr 30

Missing a friend

Needless to say I very much miss my friends… they know who they are and I’m sad because I may never see them again…

Jan 16

Review: Dry Desert Lime tea

I’ll start off by saying that in my mind there are mainly two things you do with a lime, and one of them is use it as a key ingredient for Margaritas. The other is to put it in a coconut. (add your own music soundtrack to that last one as you wish…)

So, you can understand my trepidation when I tried this new tea. I did the recommended steeping time and then tried a few sips. And I must say that the twang of the sour of the lime did hit me. After those few sips I had to add in some Splenda (which is all that I have here in the office). With that sweetener added to the mix, then it helped to cut back on the strong sour lime flavor. And it was (is) now more enjoyable.

I’ll be honest and say that I doubt that I’ll ever be a big fan of lime teas. But I would say if you *like* the flavor of lime, or if you just want to try a different, but refreshing, tea drink, then this might be something you would reach for.

I’m also wondering how this would be if it were to be mixed in with some regular tea and made into an iced version. Sitting on the porch with this mixture of iced teas might be something nice on a warm summer or fall day.

Feel free to visit their site if you are interested in learning more about their Dry Desert Lime tea.

Jan 16

Review: Numi Spinach Chive Savory Tea

Huh… well, in short I think I can sum this up quickly…

Picture taking a bunch of spinach, throwing it into a blender with a pot of hot water, blending it and then straining out the green floating bits, and then drink that mixture.

So, it’s like drinking some spinach juice.

Not my favorite and I can say that this will NOT be in my list of future purchases.

But I did finish the entire mug of tea. It wasn’t so off-putting that I couldn’t finish it. It’s just that spinach is an ok veggie, but not at the top of my list of things to eat with a meal. Now, when you put that flavor in some hot water and expect me to drink it…


‘Nuff said I guess.

If you are interesting in more information about getting some of this tea, then you could look at their website entry for this tea.

Jan 15

Review: Numi Tomato Mint Savory Tea

Looking at the ingredients of tomato, onion, mint, lemon peel, parsley, cinnamon, black pepper, black tea and allspice, and expect for the “tea” part you could easily think that this was actually a package for an instant tomato soup.

So, what do I think? In many ways it’s very similar to drinking a very watered down cup of tomato soup. Or, I guess you could say a weak (and hot) non-alcoholic Bloody Mary. It’s been a long (very long) time since I’ve actually had a Bloody Mary, so that might be a stretch for someone who is actually familiar with drinking Bloody Mary’s.

I guess the biggest question is: would you buy a box and drink it in the future. And I would have to say that I’m mostly positive on the idea of maybe buying some more of this. But I’m on the fence. I’m not 100% sure that I would be happy long term with a savory (non-sweet) drink like this. I’ll let you know which way I end up of the fence after a few more of these savory teas…

If you want to find out more about where to get some of this Numi Savory Tomato Mint tea.

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